Top 5 Formal Dressing Tips For Men's

Hello guys, today we talk about formal dressing or office dressing tips. Points down to a strict and very simple to follow rules. Whether you like it or not. People’s perception of few, a lot of times boy’s around to your fashion sense. Especially when we are talking about dressing for formal events. If you dress too casually, you can’t be taken seriously.

If you dress too formally or like any other guy in the room. You are not gonna stand out. You can’t be considered a good dress guy. That’s why I am here to help you today. Because these are my top 5 rules for formal dressing. How does it look great for Indian men going for offices or for formal events? Why we talking about formal dressing rules? Firstly we got a understand that there is a two kind of formal dressing.

Traditional formal dressing

Where the rules are strict and you have to wear those kind of clothes, especially if you’re going for old school office. Office wheather they not give you liberties when it comes to your fashion.

Business Casuals

Second kind of formal dressing is modern formal. Where you can play around with the rules just a little bit and you have more options to play around. But what are these rules when we talking about shirts. That’s bring us to tip no 1.

1 Shirts

Top 5 Formal Dressing Tips For Men's

When it comes to dressing great from a formal office perspective. If your office is super old school and you have to follow the traditional rule. This is what you need to follow. Colors only white, shades of pink and blue. In all three cases, you have to wear lighter shades of colors. Because the office is very day time situations. For day time situations you wear lighter colors. For night-time situations, you wear darker colors.

Once the other tip you got to keep in mind when it comes to office dressing. Is that you can’t wear half sleeve shirts. You can’t wear anything with loud patterns and you can’t wear colors that are super-saturated when the intensity of the color is very high. In old school formal dressing, everything is very subtle.

Let’s talk about a little bit of modern formal dressing. If we talk about a pattern you can’t wear very loud patterns but what you can wear is very very subtle patterns. Basically, you don’t wanna wear something too eye catchy. As for colors once again give priority to lighter color shades. But once in a while when it comes to business casuals, you can wear few darker shades of shirts may be black, navy blue, brown and shades of gray. All of these count’s as modern formal shirts.

But very importantly you got keep in mind is that this kind of rules mostly applied in new age office or if you are going for some kind of formal parties. These are very modern formal rules that may not be applied to your office. Only follow the modern formal rules, if your office allows it.

2 Pants

Top 5 Formal Dressing Tips For Men's

Once again the ground rules that you have to very strict with your colour selection. We are talking about black, charcoal gray, navy blue and some shades of brown like super light tan that you can wear with white and blue shirts. Also keep in mind there is a two kind of formal pants.

Traditional formal pants as they called it to suit pants and trousers in India. These are super formal looking in getting away with wearing this in absolutely in any office. Also, keep in mind that always get your pants tailor to be taper towards the base. The base of your formal pant should always be slightly more sleeks and thin. Make sure you look much sharper from a fashion perspective. Personally, if you asked me when it comes to formal pants, I preferred chinos. Chinos are a cross between jeans and this formal suit pants as we called them.

They slightly casual looking cotton pants that are tight around your thigh. Now you do get a lot of colors when it comes to the chinos. But once again when it comes to the colors stick to the colors that we already discussed. The other very important formal dressing rule is that if you wearing any formal outfit the shade of your pants should be darker than the shirt. You shouldn’t draw too much attention to your legs. Most of the attention should go to your upper wear.

3 Belts

Top 5 Formal Dressing Tips For Men's

Very simple rules when we talking about belts. Firstly no cotton belts. Secondly always match the colour of your belt to the colour of your shoes. It doesnot mean exact same colour. It has to be a similar colour. So you can wear light brown shoes with dark brown belt. As for the kind of belt you should be going for a leather belt or a fall leatehr belts. It should give that kind of leathery feel. Two colours you want to give priority are black and dark brown. Very versatile and very stylish.

4 Shoes

Top 5 Formal Dressing Tips For Men's

When it comes to the formal footwear. A few ground rules, firstly you got to match the colours of your socks to pants and secondly if we talking about dressing traditional formal. The colour of you shoes is to be either the same shade as that of your pants or one shade darker. If we talking about modern formal shoes my top three picks are brogues, monkstrap and loafers. Keep in mind these are my picks, when it comes to formal footwear there are slightly on the expensive side. I believe that when you are going for formal footwear you should buy once, you should buy slightly more expensive side and buy high quality shoes. Take care of them, make sure that they are well polished.

5 Watches

Top 5 Formal Dressing Tips For Men's

It’s essential for formal dressing. No formal outfit could be completed without a wrist-watch. The watch that I preferred for formal dresses is always a good quality metallic watch. It’s kind of power symbol especially when you go to formal meeting or for super formal events. It also counts as a traditional formal dressing. But when we talking about likely more modern formal dressing you can afford to wear stylish leather strap watch. You can wear slightly thinner dial. Just remember the ground rule when it comes to formal watches. Is that you can’t wear digital watches. You can’t wear big fancy dials and strapped pattern watches.

That cover almost every single aspects of formal dressing. If you follow these tips, you are the best guy at your office or on any formal parties.

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