Natural Skincare Routine For Fighting Pimples and Dark Spots

Hey, what’s up, guys. In today article we are talking about Basic Natural Skincare Routine. So whether you got oily skin, dry skin or even regular skin this particular Natural Skincare Routine will apply to you. I believe in honesty and consumer power. You guys are consumers, you guys have the right to correct knowledge don’t let brands fool you. I am going to tell you what I used on my own skin and what has helped me in the past. If you follow this Natural Skincare Routine, you never deal with Acne, Blemishes, Skin Bumps, Skin Irritation or any kind of skin problems. But you follow this routine 100%. Let’s Go with the Natural Skincare Routine. Few Golden Rules you got keep in mind

1 Wash Your face at least twice a daily

Natural Skincare Routine For Fighting Pimples and Dark Spots

Once Before going to bed and once in the morning just after you get up or just after you reach your office or college. Also get someone who enjoys the cardio, if you liking football or cricket and you end up sweating a lot and then after you came back to the middle of the day, after your cardio section that is the 3rd time you can wash your face. But ideally, trust seeking to twice a day, only go to thrice a day on that one of occasional cardio day.

2 100% herbal face wash

Natural Skincare Routine For Fighting Pimples and Dark Spots

Next golden Rule that I am always recommended that you guys use a mild face wash. That only because of that was many herbal faces washes out there in the Indian market. Unless you have grown ayurvedic or herbal plants at home you should always be using a 100% herbal face wash. There are very big brands started by big companies. That says they are ayurvedic but mostly those products just contain ayurvedic ingredients, the entire product is not ayurvedic.

So if it’s a big company manufacturing a herbal product is very less than it may not be herbal. If you are on a budget a band that I recommend is Khadi. If you can afford then I suggested the Brand Kama Ayurveda and Forest Essentials. These two are very expensive brands, but these three brands may 100% natural Ayurveda herbal products. These are the brands I recommend.

Face Wash Routine

Let’s Start With the face wash routine. This kind of routine applies to all kind of face washes whether they are herbal, whether you going with normal chemical mild face wash. The same rules apply. So firstly, I always preferred washing my face after Shave and Shower. After the shave and the shower, all the pores on your skin slightly open up.

But the face wash helps you to do the entire routine closes up pores and help cleanse up your skin. But Ayurvedic face washes also add a lot of nutrition to your skin. but when you eat something, Eat a vegetable the body absorbs all of that nutrition that’s happening through your digestive system. But even your skin is capable of absorbing certain ingredients

How To Apply Face Wash

Natural Skincare Routine For Fighting Pimples and Dark Spots

Either you take a coin size portion of face wash or you take a very slight amount of a gel, Then you rub it all over your hands and you just applied to your face. Now keep in mind just three main regions on your face. Region one is your cheeks you apply the facewash in a circular motion.

Applied for 15-sec once you are done rubbing it for a 15-sec. move on to the second region which is your chin and neck, again apply it in a circular motion. The reason to apply in the circular motion is to increase the blood flow at part of your face. When blood flow increases to a certain part of your face.

The skin in the region also starts rejuvenates, starts rebuilding it increase the growth of skin and thirdly also helps clean a lot of dirt a lot better. If you just rubbing up and down its end up damaging your skin. Don’t press too hard or too lightly. The third region is your T-area, everywhere you rub in a circular motion.

Natural Skincare Routine For Fighting Pimples and Dark Spots

So you rub it in and see if it’s just a normal mild face wash then you can just wash it off, With a herbal face wash, you got a let the face wash kinda sit on your face about a minute. let it do its magic and then proceeds to wash it off.

Keep in mind you don’t wash your face with hot water that’s gonna be damage your skin and you don’t wash your face with cold water. Because even that damages your skin. Go either with room temperature or tepid water, Tepid Water is Slightly hotter than room temperature but nothing more than that. So lukewarm or room temperature and you just wash it off


let’s talk about moisturizers. Keep in mind wheater you are dry skin, regular skin, oily skin. These moisturizers will be applied to you. Wide you ask because these are not chemically made moisturizers these are natural moisturizers. Chemically made moisturizers sometimes clog pores on your skin, increase your acne and sometimes they even affect the good bacteria on your face.

Your face is made of both good bacteria that fight acne and bad bacteria that actually increase it. A lot of time chemically made moisturizers might be disinfectants and might be anti-acne but they will destroy both the good and bad bacteria. In that kind of situation, natural moisturizers are your good to.

Rose Water

Natural Skincare Routine For Fighting Pimples and Dark Spots

As go what you need firstly a big ball of cotton balls. Always keep these balls near you, Because you wanna keep it clean and you don’t want to apply this moisturizer straight up with your hands and even your hands have dirty bacteria. so a clean jar of these cotton balls, thee rose water which is disinfectant is available everywhere. apply it twice a day on your skin. once before heading out and once is at night time before sleeping

Lime Juice

Natural Skincare Routine For Fighting Pimples and Dark Spots

Next, very importantly, let’s talk about lime juice. Just taken about a half a lemon squeezed it in a bowl put a cotton swap inside it and just squeezed it on your face. When it comes to lime juice keep in mind that you don’t apply more than twice a week only. Because it is slightly stronger than the moisture of the rose water. Now the advantage of lime juice is that it will help you in fight acne and destroy some of the blemishes on your face. After you have done with lime water there is an aloe vera.

Aloe Vera

Natural Skincare Routine For Fighting Pimples and Dark Spots

Aloe vera is one of the magical medicine plants where pulp actually a lot of powers. You just bascially tear the skin open sequence some of the pulp out. Take some of the gell out and with the help of a cotton ball to apply the gel on your face. This is one of the most powerful moisturizers outside. If you are dealing with dry skin, very bad acne. once twice a week use the aloe vera mix with the lime juice. This is gonna change your life.

3 Anti-acne products

Keep in mind that the moisturizers we spoke about is also a anti acne product. But those are yours long term anti acne products. These are your short term products. What I mean by that is when acne is active on your face, you got a fresh pimple and very painful. That’s gonna you turn to these the tube this is called clindamycin available at any general store also buy online from our links.

Low-density Skin Oils

Natural Skincare Routine For Fighting Pimples and Dark Spots

Keep in mind that antibiotics like this in the long term you overused it can destroy the good bacteria on your face. That’s why you should turn to natural herbal oils. These oils are like your regular coconut oil. These are your regular low-density skin oils. If you put coconut oil on your face it is extremely dense from most of the other oils. It ends up clogging the pimple. So just go with tea tree oil, Rosehip oil, Sweet almond oil.

They reduced the inflammation on your face. So when you put them on the pimple they don’t block the pimple, they do not block the pimples and the pimple inflammation reduces. It basically helps the pimple to heal a lot faster. That’s why I suggest going with one of these low-density oils

4 Diet and Life Style Factors

Natural Skincare Routine For Fighting Pimples and Dark Spots

Just basics tips to keep your skin healthy and clean. Quit sugar, Reduce junk foods, Say no to packed fried snacks. Get rid of all that. Also try including lot more vegetables, fruits in your diets. Also keep in mind as important as diet is to your life you know what else is as important lesser stress. When you stress a lot it elevates the hormone “Cortisol” in your bloodstream and a lot of Cortisol is badly affecting your skin.

It affects your aging process, It affects the quality of your skin it even makes your sebaceous gland secretes more oil onto your skin. Focus on your sleep and quality of your sleep and meditate both reduces your stress level and increase the quality of your skin

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