Easy And Effective Dark Circles Home Remedies

Being dark circles do not indicate any disease alone, but it does point to future diseases that may occur in the future. Most people do not have enough time to just follow the messy measures for the Dark Circles. That’s why in this article, I will give information about 10 easy home remedies for the remove dark circles under eyes. By following these measures, it can easily be Remove Dark Circles under eyes

Nowadays, there are challenges to fast and full-fledged life. To maintain the speed of these challenges, the person works for 10 to 12 hours sitting in front of a computer or laptop. This lifestyle gives good pleasure to the person, but this lifestyle also has many challenges.

In fact, most of the people in the desk job are troubled by the problem of having dark circles under eyes nowadays. Dark circles can be a danger bell for anyone. The Dark Circles means that the eyes and the surrounding muscles are becoming weak.

Who can be Affected by the Dark Circles problem

Problems with the Dark Circles can happen to anyone, but those who are most affected by this problem include:

  • Older people
  • Working a long time

In most cases of the Dark Circles do not require medical help.

What are the reasons for the dark circles?

By the way, there may be several reasons for having dark circles under eyes. But for some common reasons, the following reasons are also included. like,


Due to excess sleep, excessive fatigue, or staying awake for longer periods of sleep than usual, dark circles may be the problem. Due to lack of sleep, the skin around the eyes becomes weak and loose. Due to this, blood vessels and skin tissues, which are present under the skin, make them like black circles.

Due to lack of sleep, the fluid becomes like the eyes under the eyes. Due to this, the skin below the eyes starts to blossom. As a result many times the dark circles you see are actually the shadow of the bloated eyelids of your eyes.


Naturally, aging can also be a common cause of dark circles under eyes. As age increases, your skin becomes thin. Fat and colon, which retains stretch in the skin, also diminishes. As soon as it ends, the color of the veins present under the skin starts to darken. The veins below the thin skin begin to appear from outside and the skin around the eyes starts to look darker.

Eye strain

Eyes get tired of watching TV for a long time or sitting in front of a computer screen. Due to this exhaustion, nerves around the eyes spread. As a result, the color of the skin around the eyes starts appearing dark.


Many times allergic reactions and eye-dryness also cause dark circles to grow. The body’s rescue mechanism releases histamines to deal with harmful bacteria. Nerves spread due to histamines and their color becomes darker. Apart from this, he looks more like under the skin. Apart from allergies, the body may also activate the histamines on itching, red rash and eye bloating.

Due to allergenicity, many times you may feel itching to scrub around your eyes. Because of this, symptoms and irritation increase many times. There may also be a problem of swelling and cracking in the veins. Because of this, there can also be dark circles under eyes.


Due to the lack of water in the body, it is common to have dark circles under the eyes. When the body does not get enough water, the skin under the eyes starts to look lifeless and dry. It is also due to the close of the eye bones skin.

By staying in the sun (Sun overexposure)

By living longer in the sun, the body produces excessive melanin. Melanin is the element that gives skin its color. Being in the sun for much longer than necessary, the color of the skin around the eyes can be deep.


If there is a problem with the dark circles in the family, then you may also have this problem. These symptoms start appearing in some people from childhood. At the same time, with age aging, these more or more begin to grow or decrease.

Due to other diseases

Sometimes due to some diseases such as thyroid, dark circles become all around the eyes. This problem can also be caused by the consumption of some medicines.

Dark Circles Home Remedies

1. Tomatoes and lemons

Easy And Effective Dark Circles Home Remedies

Tomato is very effective Dark Circles Home Remedies to remove them as well as make the skin soft. Take a spoon of tomato juice, add one spoon lemon in it and then apply this mixer on the eyes. Allow it to last for 10 minutes and then wash it. The dark circles begin to slow down gradually after doing these measures twice a day.

2. Potato juice

Easy And Effective Dark Circles Home Remedies

Potato is a panacea for reducing the problem of dark circles. Take out the raw potato juice. Soak some Rui in potato juice and keep it on the eyes.
Keep in mind that cotton must be on the whole part, as much as the black is. Within a week, you will begin to see the effect of this Dark Circles Home Remedies

3. T-Bag

Easy And Effective Dark Circles Home Remedies

T-Bag is a major Dark Circles Home Remedies With the help of T-Bag, you can also Remove Dark Circles under eyes. The green tea bag is better for this. After using the green tea bag, put it in the fridge. When these T-bags are completely cold, keep them on the eyes. These processes can be done whenever you want.

4. Almond oil

Easy And Effective Dark Circles Home Remedies

Almond Oil is found in a large amount of vitamin E in almonds. Almond oil also helps in softening the skin. For dark circulars, place a little almond oil around the eyes.
Massage with light hands and sleep Wake up in the morning and wash the eyes well with cold water. The effect will take effect throughout the week.

5. Cold milk

Easy And Effective Dark Circles Home Remedies

Continuous use of cold milk can not only eliminate dark circles but can also improve your eyes. What you have to do is to dip Rui into a cold milk kept in a bowl and then place it in dark circles.
Keep in mind that the entire area with the dark circle is covered. Keep cotton for 10 minutes and then wash your eyes with plain water.

6. Orange juice

Easy And Effective Dark Circles Home Remedies

orange juice can also help in the removal of dark circles. Mix some glands of glycerin in orange juice. Put this mixture over the dark circles. Gradually dark circles will end and natural light in the eyes will also grow.

7. Cucumber

Easy And Effective Dark Circles Home Remedies

You may have seen cigarettes on people’s eyes, on the TV or at the beauty parlor. She is not kept for fashion only. Cucumber has a direct connection to the health of eyes.
For this, you have to put the cucumber in the fridge for half an hour and then cut their slices and put them on the eyes. Keep these slices on the eyes for 10 minutes and then wash your eyes. You will feel fresh and in some days dark circles will start to decrease.

8. Mint leaves

Easy And Effective Dark Circles Home Remedies

Peppermint can also be used to deal with dark circles. Grind some of the mint leaves and add water to it and make a paste.
Put this paste on the dark circles. Keep it applied for 10 minutes, then wash it with cold water. If you apply it every night, then there will be a difference in the week.

9. Rose Water

Easy And Effective Dark Circles Home Remedies

There is no combination of rose water in skin care. You can also use rose water to Remove Dark Circles. Soak Roi in Gulabajal and place it on Dark Circles. Keep holding Rui on your eyes for 15 minutes and then wash your eyes with cold water. Applying it for one month will affect the effect.

10. Turmeric

Easy And Effective Dark Circles Home Remedies

Turmeric is anti-biotic, which can be drunk and put on the injury, besides putting in the vegetable except in the vegetable. At the same time, buttermilk is considered to be the best.
Take two spoons of buttermilk and add turmeric powder in it. Then put this paste on the dark circles and keep it for 10 minutes. After this, wash the eyes with warm water.


Dark circles are temporary for many people, and they can be due to increasing age or lack of sleep. Although there may be many domestic and medical remedies for the problem of dark circles.
Dark circles are not warning of any serious illness. But if they persist for a long time then worry can be a thing of concern. It can be mixed with the doctor for its treatment. They can identify the real problem and treat you right.

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