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If you want to look stylish and fashionable. It’s all about trends. If you know more about trends, then we are here to telling you the latest trends. Biggest Summer trends in 2019 are Linen clothes.

Line clothes Summer trends are continuing coming from past few years and also remains in Summer trend for the next few years. This is an evergreen trend. But now this trend considered as the most stylish and sexist trend. In today’s article, we will cover all about linen one on one.

What is linen?

Let’s discuss linen. The material shown in the above picture is linen. Mostly our shirts are made up of cotton. Linen is made from the flax plant. Linen made from the flax plant are some huge advantages.

1 Packing

If you see deeply in a cotton shirt the shirt material is thinner. Cotton fabric is tightly packed. Air pockets are smaller through which there is less flow of air.

2 Sweat absorption

The major benefit of the linen is more of the sweat absorption as compared to cotton. Cotton clothes form sweat patches. In linen, the problem of sweat patches is less. Because linen absorbs the body sweat.

3 Rich and friendly look

If anyone wears linen clothes, others think that this person is rich and a friendly person. Because of those loose packing of fabric in linen overall cloth look become loose. Also, linen is a little bit expensive than cotton. Also, keep in mind that if you buy a cotton shirt. It’s gets damaged over time. Linen lasts longer more than cotton clothes. Linen clothes give you an expensive look.

Linen also has one more quality that is the folds of the linen. The type of clothes made from linen, the same type it produces the folds. Folds on linen clothes give a rich and friendly vibe. Too many creases look dirty. But little creases looks cute and sexy.

How to wear a linen

Ideally paired linen with cotton. If you wear a linen shirt wear cotton pants. If you wear linen pants than wear cotton shirts. By following this you can maintain linen look with cotton. Linen on linen is also a look, but pulling off this look is a little bit difficult. When we pairing the shirt with pants than follow one rule named saturated with unsaturated. If you wear a light color shirt in which the intensity of the color is less. Pair it with saturated pant, where color is darker.

If you don’t know about saturation. We explain it to you. If you wear saturated pant where colors are darker. Then wear, light shirt means less color intensity that we call unsaturated. Unsaturated plus unsaturated works only for linen.

Chossing the Right Fit.

Next, we talk about the sizes. Which size should you choose for yourself? When we talk about linen. Basically, try multiple sizes. Match according to your body. If shirt fit at your arms and loose throughout the belly. Then it looks cool. There is a downside of linen that it is not too stretchy. So choose according to your size. If we talk about linen pants, you can’t wear tight pants.

Next, we talk about shoes and linen. Shoes always are casual when we wearing linen. You can wear flip flops, loafers and also go with espadrille shoes. Don’t wear heavy shoes and the most stay away from sports shoes when wearing linen.

Finally, we talk about accessories. Linen clothes must be paired with a leather watch. Stay away from metal and digital watches. Now you will learn everything about Summer trends of linen.

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