9 Tshirt Tips That you wish you know before

What If I told you that just by changing up a few fashion factors in your dressing. You can go from looking average to looking absolutely sexy. Today’s article about top 9 Tshirt Tips. Your ultimate tshirt fashion for men. This is the tshirt one on one article.

1 Maturity Scale

9 Tshirt Tips That you wish you know before

You need to understand the t-shirt maturity scale. On this scale, we got young on one side and mature on the other side. Ideally, you got a dress according to your age. If you’re still in college you can afford to dress a little bit more on a young side. But if you above the age of 22. You want to dress lightly higher up on the scale. You want to look slightly older. That what makes you younger or older in t-shirts. It’s two primary factors firstly wheater the t-shirt has got a pattern or whether it’s plain.

Another factor whether the t-shirt is bright and colorful or it’s dark or white in color. Dark and white make you look older. Bright and colorful with a lot of patterns makes you look younger. Keep in mind these two factors we are talking about. If you combine these two factors it leads to an average looking t-shirt. I mean that if you pair a dark t-shirt which has a pattern. It does not make you look old or young. Similarly, if you wear a plain t-shirt that is bright in color.

Once again it doesn’t really make you look old or young. But bright color t-shirt that has a lot of patterns going on it will make you look very young and a dark plain t-shirt will make you look a lot more mature. So ground rule if you are above the age of 22. It’s alright to dress higher up on the scale. Look a little bit older. But if you are still on college can afford to look a little bit younger.

2 How to Wear Graphics

9 Tshirt Tips That you wish you know before

For all your brothers like wearing graphics on their t-shirts. There are a few rules you need to follow. Rule of the book is that ideally, you wanna go for a two-color maximum. One base color of your t-shirt and then one simple color on your graphic. As you see on that case black on red, blue on black, white on green. If you want to wear a t-shirt that has a graphic that contains two colors once again there is a way of doing that.

Your third color should be minimal in that particular t-shirt. The third color is always only meant to bring out the pattern as well as the natural base color of the t-shirt. The huge mistake that a lot of Indian bros make with that t-shirt is that they choose a pattern which has a dominating third color. If you wanna with three colors go minimal mistake with the third color.

3 Logos

9 Tshirt Tips That you wish you know before

T-shirts are beautiful but one little feature just kind of takes it all away. I am talking about logos that automatically draws all your attention towards it. Because it creates contrast in the viewer’s eye. A logo might not be the biggest deal for you. But it a big deal for a kind of society we live in. A lot of people judge you based on the clothes you are wearing and even worse people judged you on the base of brands you are wearing.

If you wearing and flaunting a slightly budget-friendly brand. Then people automatically think you are poor and on the other hand, if you wearing a slightly high-end brand. People think you are doing showoff. For these reasons avoid wearing t-shirts with logos on them. But also avoid logos primarily. Because the t-shirt just looks good without any logo. Simplicity is beautiful.

4 Proper Fit

Next, we talking about how to select the proper fit. But before we get to the breakdown of selcting a proper fit. The ground rule for looking great in a tshirt is actually being fit. You don’t need to be a bodybuilder. don’t need to be a gym addict. You just got have a average arm and above average chest and back. So firstly try focusing on building a body. Now let’s talk about a ground rule when it comes to selecting a proper fit.

The first rule the t-shirt should not be extra long and cover your entire crouch. Neither t-shirt is too small. If you lift your arms up your t-shirt should not expose your any skin inside it. So the t-shirt you need to select is something that ends in the middle of your growing region.

Next rule we talking about sleeve length ideally we go for short and tight sleeves. If you got a slightly longer t-shirt, get it to the tailor to make your sleeves tighter and shorter. Also, keep in mind you don’t so short that it looks like your desperate for attention. The sleeve length you must follow is that it covers your entire shoulder muscle.

Next rule when it comes to select a t-shirt is that it needs to be tight in your upper torso region and losses in your mid-torso. Everything below the line of your nipples needs to slightly loosen and everything above the line of nipples needs to be slightly tighter. Also, keep in mind never wear t-shirts so tight that your nipples can be seen through the t-shirt.

5 Neck Ring

The most tshirts absolutely look gorgeous. Checkout there neck ring. It is the soul of the tshirt in my opinion. Two golden rules you got keep it tight closer to the body if your neck and so very importantly you got keep the neck ring thin. The thinner it is, the closer it is to your neck the better it looks. Never ever go with too tight or too loose neck ring. Instead always prefer an elegant tight and thin necm ring that make you look like a man.

6 Save Money

The point no 6. We are talking about money. When it comes to building a perfect wardrobe. It’s not about spending a lot of money on it. It’s about buying a few classic pieces. Starting with a black V-neck t-shirt. Something that any guy needs to own.

Because of it’s the most versatile piece of clothing in the world. You can even wear it to some formal event. You can pair them with jackets or you can just wear it by itself with a pair of jeans. The second piece of clothing we talking about is a white v-neck t-shirt for the same reasons.

The third piece of clothing that we have to talk about is white round neck t-shirt. Because it is very different from a white v-neck t-shirt. You can pair a white round neck with lots of jackets and once again it one of those classic pieces of dressing that you can wear by itself with a pair of jeans.

Next, we talking about the second layer of color when it comes to the budgeting with your wardrobe. We are talking about navy blue, brown, olive green, solid grey. By these four colors. Because once again they are the most versatile you can pair them up with each other.

Next, we talk about a slightly brighter color when it comes to buying a t-shirt. The brightest color you wanna go for a maroon. It’s very elegant very classy and also include deep blue color. Once again for the same reason’s. Beyond this is up to you. You wanna buy slightly brighter or wheater you buy pattern t-shirts. That’s completely up to your preference

7 Footwear

What kind of footwear do you select when it comes to your t-shirts.

Rule no 1 Absolutely no formal shoes. If you wearing your t-shirt you can’t pair it with formal shoes that you wear to your office. Your t-shirt is on one end of that is the most casual piece of dressing. Formal shoes are the most formal piece of dressing.

Second ground rule, no semiformal shoes we are talking about boots and loafers. If you wearing a t-shirt then avoid boots and loafers. The best kind of footwear to pair with your t-shirt are either sneakers or flip flops. To casual pieces of footwear that go absolutely beautifully if you match the color perfectly.

8 No Metallic watches

9 Tshirt Tips That you wish you know before

These watches are made for the formal occasion and pull these off or you have to wear a shirt at least. Instead, you can go for leather strap watches kind of semi-formal. Obvious you can match the color of the watch to the color of your overall outfit.

This kind of watch can elevate your t-shirt look. Remember the scale we talk looking slightly be older. This kind of elegant looking watches makes your overall look a little bit more elegant. But the great thing about watches is that they can set a tone for the rest of your outfit.

9 Situational Dressing

9 Tshirt Tips That you wish you know before

When it comes to a t-shirt, you can’t wear a t-shirt for any kind of casual occasion. If you just going out for a lunch date or if you going out to meet someone or something like that in the outdoor. But any formal occasion namely a date, your office environment. For all those occasions you have to go for a slightly more formal look.

Think of shirts and polos. The only situation when a t-shirt looks like a formal. Is it if you pair a plain white or plain black t-shirt with a formal looking jacket. That counts as a formal outfit. In no other situation, you can wear t-shirts for formal occasions. The T-shirt is the most casual piece of dressing in your wardrobe when you caught that keep in your mind. Follow these 9 tips I spoke about and you look absolutely stunning, sexy in a t-shirt.

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