9 Shirt Secrets That you wish you know before

Dear men go ask women what she finds sexist when it comes to the men’s clothing. The chances are that she tells you that she loves the shirts. But when it comes to wearing a shirt there is a lot of mistakes that brothers everywhere of making and that’s why overall men’s covered it all. In today’s article, we are talking about Shirt Secrets one on one just 9 easy Shirt Secrets for men all around the world.

1 Spend Minimum Money

9 Shirt Secrets That you wish you know before

Let’s talk about building the perfect wardrobe when it comes to a shirt. You don’t need a lot of money you just need three basic shirt colors. firstly we are talking about white. Secondly, we are talking about versatile black and finally, we are talking about super versatile light blue. You can tuck these shirts in and you can leave them out, you can whether wear them with jeans, chinos, and shorts.

These three shirts are very versatile. They act as both formal shirts and casual shirts. Very importantly they can go with absolutely any look. These are the three basic shirts every man need in his wardrobe. Every men need to know this very important rule, especially if you are from India only buy a shirt that is a price at a minimum of 1500 rupees.

Usually, the shirts that are priced under 1500 are not of such great quality so you don’t buy those shirts they get spoiled in 3 or 4 washes. Instead by slightly expensive shirts that last the desk of a time.

2 Patterns

9 Shirt Secrets That you wish you know before

Lets talk about trend in pattern shirts if you are selecting a shirt pattern on it. Few ground rules you need to follow

Rule no 1: Two-color maximum one primary color for the shirt and secondary color for the pattern.

Rule no 2 ; If you want to wear pattern make sure that pattern covers the entire body of the shirt. If you choose to buy a shirt with dragon printed on it or number printed on it that just doesn’t count as pattern shirt that just count as tacky shirt as honest.

Rule no 3; Ideally give a priority to the simplest pattern dots or pinstripes very elegant. If you go slightly louder in that, I recommend that you go for a monochrome pattern.

Why do I say that imagine the same black and white shirt that I just show you in pink and white it suddenly looks very very wide and not everyone can pull out of that kind of shirt. Black and white is always the way when going with the pattern.

3 Be gentleman

9 Shirt Secrets That you wish you know before

Don’t wear flappy colors. Always use to buy a shirt, a button down shirts that have a button to stick it up or you used to buy a stiff colors shirt or you stick colors stays under your collars just to keep them standing.

The second one is the untidy sleeve rolls. Instead, use to do the simple classic overall men’s sleeve rolls.

Next rule makes sure you don’t wear shirts that are completely crumpled up that can absolutely ruin your look. If you want to look classy in a shirt make sure you iron it well before putting it on.

Finally, also make sure that you don’t have any loose threads hanging outside of your shirt and final rule that especially if your going for a formal occasion or a party doesn’t use a shirt with the pocket or zipper on the chest when it comes to formal occasion keep a nice plain and crisp shirt.

4 Mostly Rollup

9 Shirt Secrets That you wish you know before

Always roll your sleeve up why do I say that? Because there are a few situations might be able to pull out of that full sleeve look. In order to pull out of that full sleeve look you need to fulfill three conditions.

Firstly you need to physics to pull it off you want your arms to fill up the entire shirt. Secondly when it come to the actual sleeve you want it to be exact length of your arms. If it is too long then your sleeve ends up looking slightly puffed up and Thirdly very important if you are wearing a full sleeve shirt it needs to be on the expensive side only the high-end brands make elegant looking full sleeve shirts.

But for the rest of us who shop at the regular budget-friendly locations try pulling up the sleeves in any other shirts shows up your body it looks smarts and most importantly it gives you that balanced look elegant as well a cool

5 Slim Fits

9 Shirt Secrets That you wish you know before

While your shopping always give priority to shopping for slim fit shirts, regular fit shirts have to be tucked into your pants and slightly more baggy. So they alright for the overweight guys or very underweight guys who are conscious about there body. But for every one else if you got a mediocre average looking physics a slim fit shirt can make you look like an absolute boss in terms of your body. T

The other huge advantage of the slim fit shirts is that they are versatile you can create regular tucked outlook or you can even tuck in your slim fit shirt and wear it with the belt to create a very elegant formal look.

6 Layering

9 Shirt Secrets That you wish you know before

The first ground rule you can only layer your shirts with the plain white or a plain black t-shirt.

Second ground rule the jacket style of layering is the only kind of the shirt layering you afford to leave both your shirt and t-shirt left untucked.

Third ground rule if you want to layer your shirt with a t-shirt and closed all your buttons then you can’t leave your shirt to untuck instead tuck your shirt inside your pants it’s a lot neater and a lot classier.

Finally ground rule if you want to layer your shirt with the jacket the only way you can do this is that your shirt is tucked in. Untucked shirt with the jacket is the huge style mistake. Always remember these ground rules while layering your shirt.

7 Shirt Rules

9 Shirt Secrets That you wish you know before

Three basic shirt rules that every single man needs to know formal shirts are only plain white shirts, light blue shirts, and plain light pink shirts. Semi-formal shirts on the other hands are all about those pattern little dots or maybe pinstripes.

Another form of semi-formal shirts is slightly darker color formal shirts. You may not be able to wear them to the office or whether to night time occasions or parties. some times if your office environment is chilled you can afford to wear a few dark color shirts.

Now come to the third kind of shirts completely casual shirts we are talking about louder colors, louder patterns, brighter colors. These kinds of shirts you can’t wear them to the office you can’t wear them to formal parties. These kinds of shirts are made for everyday wear or you can wear them to some kind of a lunch date or casual occasion. Remember to dress according to the occasion.

8 Shirt Length

9 Shirt Secrets That you wish you know before

How do you decide the correct length for a shirt that you gonna leave untucked? very simple rule role out your sleeve leave it in its full length if the length of your sleeve matches the length of your shirt that’s the correct length. If the length of the shirt is longer don’t leave your shirt untucked tuck it inside.

9 Combination

9 Shirt Secrets That you wish you know before

The final tip in this article how to do you pair a shirt with the rest of your outfit? few ground rules. Firstly can pair any shirt with a pair of blue denim jeans. Secondly, if you are pants are very dark grey or black in color once again it can go with any shirt. But the movement you are talking about colored chinos or colored pants that’s when you can care about matching your colors.

As for shoes you wanna stick to either formal office shoes or stick to semi-formal shoes like brogues or monk strap or you wanna stick to the loafers. The only time you can wear sneakers or flip flops with your shirts if you paired it with the pair of chino shorts. That’s the only time sneakers and flip flops will look good and paired with your shirts.

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