7 Major Causes of Hair Loss

Black and Healthy Hair Everyone’s Desire But a time comes when you feel that your hair is rapidly flowing and you are on the verge of being bald. The severe Causes of Hair Loss of baldness in men is also called Male Pattern Baldness. These patterns of baldness are often permanent and the hair that has been decaying cannot be extended back again.

In this type of baldness, the hairline starts shrinking and the hair between the middle of the head becomes thin. With the passage of time, these changes seem to be very clear. But if you are not bald with male pattern baldness and you are getting hair follicles near the shower, then this time is really about to worry. Because no one would like to see himself being hairless in this way.

Says Anthony Rossi, MD, Dermatologist at the Memorial Sloan Catering Cancer Center: “Most people fall from hair to 100 to 200 every day. But if your hair is fluctuating even more then you may have a different problem with the baldness ‘mail pattern’.

Baldness in any male is not just due to the matching pattern baldness. There may be some temporary reasons for this. In this article, I will give you information about the7 Major Causes of Hair Loss and the solution to solve the problem.

1. An unbalanced level of thyroid

7 Major Causes of Hair Loss

If there is something wrong with your thyroid level, then hair loss is usually a very perfect indicator. This signal can be seen as a warning. this is one of the most Major Causes of Hair Loss.

Robert Anolic of New York’s cosmetic dermatologist believes, ‘Your thyroid level helps to regulate the quality of the hair and the development of hair. Hair loss can occur with both Hyperthyroidism and Hypothyroidism. ‘

If you have trouble with thyroid hormone, then you may have noticed that the hair is falling from your head and not from any particular part. Not only can you notice hair fall from other parts of the body.

Dr. Robert Anolic says, “The investigation of thyroid level is very simple. Most screening is just like routine blood tests. If your results of the blood test are abnormal, you can get treatment with the endocrinologist as well as a dermatologist. “

Whether the thyroid is high or low, it can be brought back to the normal level. You usually only have to take medication for this. Once your thyroid level becomes normal, you will see that the loss of your hair has stopped and hair growth is returning back to the track as before.

2. Due to extreme stress or illness

You must have noticed. Hair combing in the hair often gets trapped in the comb. If your hair is easily broken or broken while combing, then it can be due to stress. Apart from this, breakage of hair is also an event that will increase tension in itself. In such a situation, the hair does not fall into any particular part of the head but falls apart from the entire head.

Rajni Katta, professor of the dermatology department at the Baylor College of Medicine, says, “It points to the hair flickings ‘hibernation’ going on. It shows that hair flaws have entered the telogenic or resting phase. Children go through different stages of development in their journey. When the hair is in the resting phase, it does not break down very easily, but it rises or gets out of its roots and it becomes the Causes of Hair Loss.

The hair follicle can trigger this condition of hibernation, severe physical and emotional stress. Although it is still not completely clear how stress or disease triggers this stage. Some researchers believe that it is related to stress hormones, which are released during stressful situations.

But the question is, does the hair fall start instantly or does it take some time? Dr. Rajani Katta says, “The incident of hair fall occurs after 3 to 6 months of the occurrence of triggering. And the same day it seems to improve in this situation. But the good thing is that in most cases this situation has seen itself reversed. It does not require any special medical effort. ‘

3. Due to Infection

Dr. Rajani Katta says, “When I see hair falling in a circular patch, at first glance, I find this kind of fungal infection. Would you like to know what is the reason? This can be due to the effects of ringworm or athlete’s foot.

It is an infection that can easily be easily accessible by contacting an infected person. Even from the towel or bed of the infected person. This is a very contagious disease. The person is easily infected. This circular patches of hair fall also have redness and flaking. ‘

If your ringworm test comes in positive then you need antifungal medicines to remove the infection. When the transition ends, your hair will also grow back.

4. On psoriasis

Dr. Aniolik says, ‘When psoriasis occurs at the peak, red rash emerges on the skin. A bright crust comes out of the skin. In this situation, hair falls. Apart from this, Seborrheic Dermatitis can also temporarily Causes of Hair Loss.

Doctors believe that if this is the case then you will find that the red spots on your skull have emerged. Swelling has increased. The shiny layer of fish is spreading on the head and white powder like dandruff has begun to fall. In such a case, hair loss is very common.

The question is, what to do in such a situation? Dr. Annolic believes that in the early stages, the treatment can be controlled using an anti-dandruff shampoo. If the situation is not controlled at the time, then it is only a matter of expert doctors that the case is handled. The infection of psoriasis is ‘very stubborn’ and also the enemy of hair.

5. Consumption of certain medicines

7 Major Causes of Hair Loss

According to Dr. Katta, in some people, there are very contradictory results in drug reaction. Some potential triggering medications include steroids, antidepressants, and isotretinoin.

Apart from this, an antidote of Vitamin A is also considered triggering medicine which is used for the treatment of severe acne. He says, ‘Blood pressure beta blocker drugs that are propranolol, can prove to be an enemy for hair’.

Many drugs contain high levels of vitamin A, vitamin-E, and selenium. Some medicines are also such that all of them have a formation. Such medicines can be a problem for your hair.

6. Become a vegetarian, look at the difference!

7 Major Causes of Hair Loss
Health food for fitness concept with fresh fruit, vegetables, pulses, herbs, spices, nuts, grains and pulses. High in anthocyanins, antioxidants,smart carbohydrates, omega 3 fatty acids, minerals and vitamins.

If your hair is fast or broken, look for vegetarianism for a few days. Dr. Annolic says, ‘If you do not get enough iron from your diet, then you can feel the effect of this thin hair.

This may be because iron deficiency leads to your body in survival mode, which means that your body has started using nutrients and oxygen, which is usually considered life-saving for your hair and it’s Generally, more is brought into use.

It is possible, therefore, to tell you to take the iron level test in Doctor Blood. If the quantity of iron in the probe is lower than the standard level, recommend Doctor Iron supplements or iron-based diet. Your hair will grow back when the iron level is normal. But it may take a few months.

7. Reasons for Auto Immune Disease

Joshua Zeichner, director of cosmetic and clinical research at the Dermatology Department of Mount Sinai Hospital, says, “Alopecia Areata is a condition in which your immune system attacks your hair cells.” In it, the hair of the person starts to fall. The smooth round patch is formed at a particular place in the head. There do not grow hair.

In some cases, this can really be serious. It can also affect the entire head, eyebrow or beard of the person. You can also see such problems with your nails, such as peating or white spots, etc.

Dr. Zechner says, ‘If it seems that your problem can be Alopecia Areata, you should get it right away from a dermatologist.

It is possible to diagnose cortisone injections. Apart from this, other auto-immune diseases such as Lupus, etc. also have hair thinning.

If you are troubled by the hair falling from your head or you are moving towards permanent baldness then immediately go to the doctor and get the proper advice. Dermatologists better understand all the problems associated with the hair and can better treat it.

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