7 Easy and Affordable things everybody can do to improve there style.

Hello, guys. I heard it over and over again. Guy’s are complaining about putting up the excuses to say that you need money to look good. Here I taught that I have done more than enough to show you that even one on a low budget you can look more stylish. You can improve your style. Today we discuss 7 Easy and Affordable things everybody can do to improve there style.

1 Rolls up

Here is what you grab the colar that you already wearing and pretty much instantly tailor it. Whether if it’s a t-shirt. You wanna roll up the sleeves. If it’s your jean you wanna roll it up. What this does two things. One it adds an extra style detail and another piece of statistic I can look at that we can make the outfit more attractive.

But the second thing that it does a little bit of skin exposure. Whether you do that on your sleeve. Your muscle’s look bigger. When you do that to your pants you instantly tailor them which makes your legs look longer. That’s the beauty of the roll. Everybody can do it and it just takes a few seconds.

2 Don’t buy clothing for one occasion

You have a date, you rush off to the market to get your clothes. Whether going for a concert or for a wedding, your first day of college. Usually, there are major avenues you wanna buy clothes just for that event. That just ends up being a waste of money. Most of those clothes you never wear again. Because they are just made for that particular event.

Instead of this, you guys have to be smart for the rest of them. Make a list of things you need to buy and buy them according to style. Focused on the things that are last long in fashion and buy those ones out. While doing this you can’t wear things only one time you can wear them for multiple time.

3 One in one out rule

When you buy something, you wanna rid of something else. I called this one in one out rule. This is the perfect way to keep your wardrobe in a sensible size. But also make sure that what you do have or things are stylish and actually look good. I loved black and white tshirts the most. That’s why i am constantly buying a brand new crisp black tshirt. That’s fit prefectly. I than going get rid of my all black tshirts that’s faded and stretched out.

4 Influence by superstars

This is something you dont wanna to do and that’s dont follow your favourite rapper. Social media is a great, because they can connect us to our favourite celebrity. Just because of there rap lyrics are unpoint doesn’t necessarily means there style is unpoint. Don’t be influenced by them. Because that necessarily doesn’t look good with your personal body type. Instead stick to your own style, you know what look best on you.

5 Discover New Brands

What are the main reasons why guy’s get stuck in the style. Because they are attached to certain particular brands. If you will wearing the same brands whatever it is, over and over for a years now. I encourage you to put yourself outside of your comfort zone. Come out side of your box to explore new brands. Wheather it is low end medium or high end designer brands.

6 Work on your posture

Posture is like fitness. It can effect how clothes look on you. Just like a fit guy look great in almost anything he puts on. A guy with bad posture doesnot matter how the expensive the suit or the clothing he wear it doesn’t look good on him. Studies have shown that people have better attitude about himself and they infact believe more than inself. Will they have a confident body posture. Confidence will improve anybody style.

7 Adjust your Attitude

You have to gain your mind. You might need to adjust the things that you have. You have the right and deserve to look and feel good. Again think about life fitness. You have complete 100% control over it. Making a constant effort, even if it’s a little one to improve your style. Your style will pay you a 100 fold and your overall appearance. So adjust your mind.

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