6 Extremely Summer Fashion Trends and Guide

Hey guy’s, today we talk about summer one on one. In summers how to look like a stud. Clothing for summer fashion trends all about summer clothing is covered in this article. If you follow these rules then you look stylish and more attractive.

1 Understanding Colors

6 Extremely Summer Fashion Trends and Guide

In summer there is must to understand the colors. There are two type of colors warm color that are those from which heat goes out. Warm colors include red, orange, yellow and brown. Second one are cool colors which includes blue, purple, pink and white. In summer season give most of the priority to cool colors. This the first style rule of summer season. For this style rule there is big style trend. That style trend is matching blue with grey, white and dark blue.

2 Pant Materials

6 Extremely Summer Fashion Trends and Guide

The second rule is correct material for our pants. Our pants are the half of our outfit. So you need to focus on it. Most of guys wear denim jeans during college. Denim is a heavy material. Its provide more heat to our body. Instead wearing of denim jeans, I recommend to go with cotton chinos. In chinos you go with black, grey, blue and sometimes go with brown. In summer you will give importance to cotton pants.

3 Shorts

We talked about pants, now its turn for the shorts. Master your shorts look. Don’t be afraid of wearing shorts. If you’re more conscious about your legs then don’t wear shorts. But in summers if you wear shorts you you look more stylish. Pair your shorts with light cotton shirt, flip-flops or with loafers.

4 Linen

Linen is the light material for clothing. There is more flow of air throughout linen. For that reason heat from your body goes out and cold comes closer. This is the ideal material for summer. If you want to look stylish go with linen. Linen shirts last longer. Linen gives you a friendly look.

5 Summer Accessories

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Major accessories for summer fashion is watches. Always wear watches whose overall look is light. Dark tone watches look better during winters. During summer formal looks are not very preferred. Look’s which are preferred are casual. Wear light tone watches.

6 Shoes

Give priority to those shoes that makes you look cool. Those shoes included flip flops and loafers. Stay away from boots, chelsea boots and from sneakers. You can also wear loafers to your office. If you think it doesn’t look nice at your office then wear socks inside loafers. It provides a cool look for your footwears. This is the basics of summer footwear. You also have another option Espadrille-style shoes. Material of those shoes are light. They provide air flow to your feet like linen shirt provides to your body.

This is the all about summer clothing. Also remember to use perfume. Your smell affects your overall look. If you want to complete your summer look final rule is don’t step out without perfume, deo or powder.

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