10 Best Men's Hair Care Tips.

Hey WhatsApp. In today’s article, we are going to discuss 10 daily habits that ruin your hair and obviously the solution for those habits. I mean that in every person’s life there are some habits by the mean of those habits, hairs start damaging and falling. For those habits, we came with the solution let’s go with 10 Best Men’s Hair Care Tips.

1 Exposure to Sunlight

10 Best Men's Hair Care Tips.

Sunlight is good for your skin and hairs but the sunlight that is in the early morning and during sunset is good for your health and hairs. The sunlight during the noontime highly damages your hairs. Because in sunlight there are UV rays. In high sunlight, these rays are the most dangerous and cause damage to your hairs and dry your hairs.

Your scalp also gets damaged by remaining in the high sunlight for a long time. If you want to know the science of hairs, know about the structures of hairs. The structure of the hairs is just like the structure of a tree. Hair shift (body) is just like the trunk of the tree and in the bottom, there are roots in both of them from where they grow.

The tree is grown from the soil just like trees hairs grown from your scalp and exposure to sunlight damages that growing area. The afternoon sun causes a lot of damages to your hair.

2 Wrong Shampoo Selection

10 Best Men's Hair Care Tips.

The shampoo we use effects the most. Especially the men’s uses the shampoo that is available in the bathroom without knowing that the shampoo is causing damage to the hairs and the scalp. Then what type of shampoo you use? If you want to take care of your hairs use organic shampoos. In cheaper shampoos, there are sulphates and silicons and these are inorganic compounds.

If you use shampoos with a high amount of sulphates and silicons then they block the pores of your scalp. If you blocked the pores then how your hairs become healthy. Always use organic shampoos if possible use sulphate and silicons free shampoos.

As per my recommendation use the wow shampoos. Most effectively is wow apple side vinegar shampoo. This shampoo is sulphate and silicon free. This is organic shampoo and the benefit of this is that it increase the hair quality. By the use of this shampoo, your hairs become soft and shiny but the main thing is that your hairs become healthy.

3 Exercise

10 Best Men's Hair Care Tips.

While doing Exercises like running, weight training, yoga, and swimming you start sweating and most of the sweat comes from your scalp. Then the sweat is dry on your scalp, water is evaporated from it and the salt in the sweat crystalized there.

By the Crystallisation of the salt, your pores are blocked on the scalp and damages your scalp and hairs. If you are doing any kind of exercise just remember that wash your hairs with shampoo after doing exercise

4 Over Use of Cheap Hair Products

10 Best Men's Hair Care Tips.

If you use hair products daily that leads to hair damage. Hair products make your hairs brittle and break easily. If you use hair products don’t use them daily. Use hair products once or twice a week.

5 Pollution

10 Best Men's Hair Care Tips.

Pollution also provides damage to your hair. If you are using hairs products that causes the pollution and dust stick to your hairs. If necessary to use hair products daily use light hair products ( serum, hair creams ) if you used wax, gel daily then all the pollution is stick to your hairs and that provides damage to your skin. Use a mild shampoo to wash away the pollution from your hairs.

6 Don’t Wash Your Hair Every day

10 Best Men's Hair Care Tips.

If you wash your hairs daily then the shining of your hairs gone away why? Because natural oils and natural water vapors come outside from your hairs. The shaft of your body remains little lubricant all the time. If you wash your hairs daily then that natural oils have gone from your hairs and your hairs become dry.

I recommend to use anti-dandruff shampoo once a week and use mild shampoo twice or thrice a week for your hairs. An anti-dandruff shampoo is a little harsh for your hairs but in Indian weather, there is a use of it. Just use it once a week as per my recommendation

7 Blow Drying

10 Best Men's Hair Care Tips.

Most of Men’s blow drying their hairs. The heat from the dryer damages your hairs. The natural water and oils are gone away and provide damage to hair quality. Stay away from blow drying if necessarily just do blow drying once a month

8 Hair Alteration

10 Best Men's Hair Care Tips.

Hair alteration of two types first one is straightening and the second one is coloring. How had this thing done with your hairs? There is a cuticle on your hairs, means the outer layer of your hairs. Straightening and coloring damage the cuticle of hairs. If once it is damaged then your hair health is gone down. Learn to love yourself not to change yourself. Not to change your hairs you don’t become more studiedly. Give priority to health overlooks of your hairs

9 Diet and Lifestyle Factors

10 Best Men's Hair Care Tips.

If you are a smoker then say goodbye to smoking because smoking affects your hair quality. If your diet is not proper than also it affects your hair quality. Focused on water, drink more water and always remains hydrated. Also focused on vegetables and fruits. Eat green vegetables more. Include little protein to your diet. In every meal protein is necessary.

10 Stress and Anxiety

10 Best Men's Hair Care Tips.

Last but not least. Most Men’s faces hair fall because of this factor. If you are stressed then your hairs start falling and the quality of remaining hairs decreases. Stay happy all the time. Remove stress from your life by doing meditation.

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